Air passengers have rights, namely refunds on long-delayed or canceled flights

Your family is headed to Walt Disney World for a long-anticipated vacation, and something goes wrong with the trip. Maybe the flight was delayed and then canceled. Or you were involuntarily “bumped” because of an overbooked plane. Or you sat on the tarmac in a thunderstorm. Or the airline lost your luggage. Read Full Article

Do Young Children Need Their Own Airline Seats?

A baby propelled from the mother’s arms when a United Airlines flight hit severe turbulence over Montana this week has reignited debate over the safety of allowing young children to be held on adults’ laps when traveling at 500 m.p.h., 30,000 feet aloft. Read Full Article

Cheaper fares: Does the day you buy matter?

Although seasoned travel advisers say there is no perfect moment to book an airfare, a recent study by Expedia Inc. and Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) suggest that based on thousands of flights in 2016, the lowest average ticket prices were purchased on weekends, especially on Sundays.

Expedia crunched numbers gathered by ARC from corporate travel companies and online and brick-and-mortar travel agencies and determined that flights within the United States booked on Sunday were 11 percent cheaper. Flights from the United States to Europe were 16 percent cheaper, and between the U.S. and Asia, fares purchased on Sunday cost 10 percent less. Read Full Article

American Airlines mishandles the most bags in the nation. It’s even worse in Philly.

American mishandled 528,630 bags in the first six months of this year, or about 9 bags for every 1,000 boarded. In Philly, it’s mishandling bags at a much higher rate.

Shanin Specter’s flight from Atlanta landed in Philadelphia after 10 p.m. one August night, but his troubles from the flight had only just started. Read Full Article

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