Travel Analysis & Reports

ETA Travel offers a full range of professional travel management reports. Our objective is to provide accurate, focused information to help you effectively manage the cost of business travel.

For example, our Travel Summary presents a concise month-to-month snapshot of exactly how your travel dollar is spent, and identifies trends and opportunities for cost reduction.

We also offer detailed analysis reports that focus on specific areas of concern. We provide, for example, useful tools to simplify accounting reconciliation, including:

  • Expenditures by individual, department, cost center or other variables
  • Detailed credit card reconciliation
  • Unused e-ticket summaries
  • Hotel and vendor expenditures

We utilize Grasp Data, the industry standard in travel reporting, to generate many of our client reports. Grasp Data is the leading web-based management reporting tool offering complete automation of the report production and delivery process. Among the top benefits are the following:

  • Executive Dashboard Reporting—A revolutionary approach to management reporting, this feature allows each user to create a custom dashboard unique to their specific needs which includes snapshot reports, graphs and charts related to travel spending and usage. This also includes access to frequently run reports, quick searchability for transactions and ad-hoc queries and warnings related to user-defined rules.
  • Report Scheduling and Delivery—All reports can be scheduled for recurring delivery individually or in batches via email or to report history.
  • Data Access—Reports are produced in PDF, Excel, HTML, XML or Word format. Our Data Café allows you to search for and return details of any transaction in our data warehouse and reprint invoice copies

Hotel Programs & Reports

ETA Travel supports a full range of negotiated rate hotel programs designed to meet any accommodation needs at over 35,000 hotel properties worldwide. Our Preferred Hotels include over 250 business-oriented hotels, located in major financial and business centers in the US and Europe. These properties feature special negotiated rates significantly below most corporate plans.

Eta Travel’s corporate rates through Ensemble Travel® represent significant corporate discounts at virtually every major hotel chain in the industry. No other agency or consortium group offers a broader range of discounts and hotel choices.

We believe in the importance of building relationships and close, personal ties with individual hotels and suppliers. It is the strength of our relationships with hoteliers that differentiates our hotel programs and gives us the ability to deliver the exact accommodations you want at a price that can’t be beat.

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