ETA Travel utilizes cutting-edge technology that is strategically applied to meet individual client needs. Data is integrated into expense reporting systems, and customized reports allow for efficient program management by our corporate travel consultants. Detailed summary reports further enable the facilitation of more informed decisions when negotiating preferred supplier contracts, establishing policy requirements and identifying preferred providers. Our corporate clients receive:

Customized data to meet client specifications

  • Comprehensive reporting to track spending and increase compliance
  • Access to past invoice transactions

Travel Tool Benefits

Among the many benefits this technology provides to our clients are:

  • Itinerary copies, invoice and ticket receipts
  • Personal Online Profiles available 24/7 over the Internet

Features unique to ETA Travel Profiles include:

  • Passport, Visa and credit card renewal reminders
  • E-Mail messaging and broadcast options
  • Travel arranger and account tools to manage multiple profiles

Unused e-ticket Tracking

Never lose track of valuable but unused e-tickets again. This features monitor e-tickets to ensure unused e-tickets are identified as refunded or flagged for future reissue.

Need Online Help?

If you have any questions about accessing your itinerary or other travel information online, please read our Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs).

Booking Question?

Questions about your trip? Allow us to assist you in booking any of your travel hotel or other arrangements.

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